Monday, 23 November 2009


We got back from our youthgroup weekend away last night.

Today has been clear up day and keeping going when exhausted day!

But it was a great, great weekend.
Christmas Eve on Friday, Christmas Day on Saturday and Boxing Day on Sunday.
Pass the parcel, musical chairs, stockings and presents, turkey, 'pigs with blankets', beef, yorkshire pud, crackers...the works!!
I can't wait now to have the Christmas tree up again now we are back!

Mystery from Dan Stevers on Vimeo.

It was thrilling to have clear talks and good bible studies on John 1 (summarised well in the above video), Luke 15 (the lost sheep) and Philippians 2 as we focused on the 'what?', 'why?' and 'so what?' of the incarnation.
I think that all the eXcellers who came would now be able to say what 'incarnation' means and why it is such a big deal.
Would that we all praised Jesus as we should (which must include turning from our sins and to him continually ...) and that we imitated him in the whole of our lives... from the inside out!

That last aspect was the big challenge that the weekend threw up for us all - serving each others needs gladly and humbly. One of the group proved an exceptional encouragement on this front. But as I dealt with the 'other 99' (!) my own selfish, proud, unloving, thankless, moaning heart came into the spotlight of God's word and providential circumstance! And for all that ongoing 'seeking me out' and bringing me back, I am very grateful to God.

Thanks too go to:
  • John Young for speaking and modelling sacrificial service as he slept on the floor in Church House and spent Saturday afternoon just watching us all bowl!
  • Denise and Jane for being truly eXcellent partners in the leadership of eXcel
  • Hilary for backing Jane up in care for Simeon and Trev & Maz in the kitchen
  • Trev & Maz who gave their all (including sleeping next to a freezer) to feed us amazingly
  • Keith & Angela for 'popping in' (1 1/2 hr drive each way to do so!) and giving us encouragement on Christmas Day
  • Jacqui for her great hospitality
  • St Botolph's for use of Church House
  • the rustbucket for getting us there and back (cracked indicator light and all ... see below)

My apologies to ASDA whose petrol station I rendered inactive for a short period on Friday night. Ooops.

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