Thursday, 3 December 2009

Mary: Magnificent and Marginal

In the Lord's goodness Justin Taylor put me onto this excellent piece by John Piper about Mary. It has encouraged me and extended my thinking about Mary, as I am preparing for preaching on Luke 1:39-56.
Piper is especially helpful in getting us to think about how Scriptures handle her. Minimally is the answer. And yet homed in on Luke Ch 1 as I am at the moment, she is also magnificent! (sorry for the poor pun there)
So far my direction is that she is 'a bumps and all believer' and 'a worries and all worshipper'. And my 'control' on this is the same as Piper's: Luke 8:21.

Incidently, partly inspired by Driscoll on Luke 1, I am using these images to help get us past the artist's impression of Christmas:

They seem more likely than these (!):

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