Monday, 18 October 2010

Northern Women's Convention 2010 - the Complete Woman

A week or so ago I drove a minibus up to the Northern Women's Convention. While I dropped the ladies off to go and spend some time with Jane introducing Evie to her Grandparents I left my camera in the hands of the 'Grace Women' with instructions to have a good time and to produce a video diary while doing it. They had a great great day and this is the 'diary':  

Every expense was spared in the making of this short film.
No Doughnuts or Kit-Kats were harmed during the filming.

Featuring : (some of) the Ladies of Grace Community Church. 
Camera Work and 'starring' : Katie & Bella [who were given NO warning that I wanted them to do this!So a massive well done for producing anything like a 'diary' of the day!]
Editing : blame me. 

Amanda Robbie
provides a deeper reflection (!) on the day from a 'West Bromwich' perspective.

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Katie said...

Hey that was brilliant! Glad you all had a great time!

Katie from Glasgow
aka jane and Tims sis in law