Thursday, 17 February 2011

Go West!

Just as Cain moved away from God by moving east (Genesis 4:6), so this "eastward" movement indicates movement away from God.  But who was moving eastward?  Nimrod?  No.  In Genesis 10:25-30 we read, within the immediate context of the story of the Tower of Babel, that it was certain Hebrews, descendants of Shem, who were moving eastward. 
Renegade Hebrews joined with Nimrod in building the false tower and the false city.  The false town was the citadel, the false worship center that was to reach up to the heavens. associated with the renegade Hebrews' tower was the false "lip" or religion of these people.  The false city was the culture that was being built around the tower.  Associated with Nimrod's city was the language of these people.
God had told both Adam and Noah (Genesis 9:1) to spread out and fill the earth.  In rebellion, Nimrod and his cohorts did not want to take dominion.  They did not want to build the city of God not gather around his power of true worship, growing slowly and gradually by faith.  Rather, like Cain before them, they wanted an instant city, gathered around false religion, built on power and might. 
p55-56 Primeval Saints: Studies in the Patriarchs of Genesis

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