Monday, 4 April 2011

A vast multitude no-one could count

The 'fun side' on Tuesday mornings is at the Sure Start group which meets at Grace CC. Usually the serving of vast quantities of toast is Simeon's highlight, but tomorrow is the 'Easter Party' and the mums and nans have all been asked to bring cakes. 
Jane then wondered what she could make that was easy, edible and in any way evangelistic !! And the result is - a shortbread cross decorated with 'hundreds and thousands'. 
The many Christ has died for! 
The many who love Him! 
As the children's song would go if it hasn't been banned for it's 'political incorrectness': 'Red and yellow, [green/blue or orange] and white... all are precious in His sight...' 
Anyway ... a lot of fun was had today in the kitchen both making & icing them. Jane was able to talk to Simeon about Jesus and His death while they worked together. So that has all been great.  
The only draw back is that this evening we have had a vast multitude of hundreds and thousands which no-one could count spread over most of the kitchen surfaces, cooker & the floor!! 

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