Sunday, 12 August 2012

Mission Praise and Psalm Singing

This won't be of interest to many people - but I'd have been glad to lay my hands on this list. I just couldn't find it on the web. 
It is a list of songs in the 'Complete' Mission Praise book that in some way are 'singing the psalms'. I have included hymns based upon psalms as well as some very short choruses that are a verse or two of a psalm. I make it 37. I expect I have missed some. 
When you think that there are 1250 songs in Mission Praise it is a pretty low number given Ephesians 5:19-20. 

Psalm 13 - MP 848 How long, O Lord, will You forget?
Psalm 16 -MP 886 Lord, when the storms of life arise
Psalm 18 - MP 286 I love You, O Lord, You Alone
Psalm 23 - MP 649 The King of Love 660 & 1008 The Lord's my shepherd 
Psalm 42 - MP 37 As the deer pants for the water
Psalm 45 - MP 893 My heart is full of admiration
Psalm 46 - MP 188 God is our strength and refuge
Psalm 63 - MP 904 O Lord, I want to sing Your praises
Psalm 69 - MP 962 When my sorrows cover me, save me, O God
Psalm 84 - MP 248 How lovely is Thy dwelling place O Lord of hosts
Psalm 89 - MP 707 Timeless love! We sing the story
Psalm 90 - MP 498 O God our Help in Ages Past, 909 O Lord the refuge of each generation
Psalm 91 - MP 583 Safe in the Shadow of the Lord 
Psalm 93 - MP 890 Mighty God, we give You praise
Psalm 98 - MP 393 Joy to the World, 599 Sing a new song to the Lord, 600 Sing to God new songs of worship
Psalm 100 - MP 20 All people that on earth do dwell, 394 Jubilate, everybody
Psalm 103 - MP 57 Bless the Lord, O my soul, 560 Praise my soul the King of Heaven, 1111 The Lord is gracious and compassionate
Psalm 104 - MP 528 O worship the King 
Psalm 113 - MP 163 From the rising of the sun
Psalm 119 - MP 546 Open thou my eyes, 915 Open our eyes, O Lord, we pray
Psalm 121 - MP 281 I life my eyes, 283 I look to the hills
Psalm 130 - MP 908 O Lord, hear my prayer
Psalm 134 - MP 88 Come, bless the Lord
Psalm 136 - MP 415 Let us with a gladsome mind
Psalm 138 - MP 963 With undivided heart and ceaseless songs
Psalm 142 - MP 961 When I life my voice
Psalm 147 - MP 147 Fill your hearts with joy and gladness
Psalm 148 - MP 920 Praise the Lord, you heavens adore him 


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much I was looking for this!

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you, that is really helpful!

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your hard work, Tim. It's surprising Mission Praise haven't commissioned a decent index which links Scriptures to hymns considering the millions that use it and the link between sermons and Scripture, Christian meetings inspired by Scripture etc.