Tuesday, 6 November 2012

When will 70 AD happen?

 'Do you see these great buildings?' replied Jesus  [referring back to the discples comment in Mark 13:1]
'Not one stone here will be left on another; everyone will be thrown down.' Mark 13:2

This is a very helpful analysis of this chapter by France:

(No time indicator in prediction) 

(and what will be the sign..?)

v5 Watch Out - it is NOT YET (v7b)

v8 all this is only the BEGINNING

v9 Watch Out - it is NOT YET

v10 gospel to all nations FIRST

v13 the ‘end’ still in the future

v 14 But when
i.e., as opposed to the NOT YET of v5-13, here the sequence begins (in ‘those days’, v19)

v21 At that time    this is not the end

v23 Watch out     still beware of assuming too much

v 24 But in those days
             following that distress
reference back 
to v19 - 

             so a direct, unbroken sequence from the when of v14. 
v 26 
And then
Here at last is the answer to When? v4
v 27
And then

v 28f The fig tree (a parable of necessary chronological sequence) shows that these things indicate that ‘it is near’

v30f and therefore all these things must inevitably occur within ‘this generation’.
v 32
But about THAT day or hour ...

      WHICH day or hour? - no (singular) day or hour so far mentioned

v 33 Watch out - it may be ANY time

v 32-37 speak throughout of an UNKNOWN time, which comes without announcement, in stark contrast to the 

of vv 5-31

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