Sunday, 20 March 2011

Call My Bluff

At eXcel today we were in 1 Peter 4:1-6, which aside from anything else raised issues of vocab! 
So we devised a 'Call My Bluff' style game to make light of that. Join in if you want ... which definitions are right? 

  1. an Italian cherry, the favourite ingredient in Tuscan fruit cakes. 
  2. Extreme indulgence in excessive drinking and wild sex
  3. the enjoyment of shooting arrows for the first time 

  1. the residue left due to the oxidisation of lemons
  2. a perfume made from lemons
  3. intense or unrestrained sexual urge

  1. a sexual encounter involving many people
  2. a variety of high altitude pansy grown only in China
  3. a disease of the gut common in highland cattle

  1. the celebration held on buying your first car in Greenland
  2. the drinking of alcoholic drinks to excess
  3. an Indian water rat found in the Punjab

  1. the runoff after a tropical storm
  2. a piece of degree level research
  3. wasteful self-indulgence

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