Friday, 18 March 2011


In preparation for Sunday I've been digging around to find out about the Church of Christ in Japan. To my shame I knew little. Now I know a little more.

OMF have this website and these videos about their ministry in Japan: 

There is an interesting Seminary in Nagoya
I've found these blog posts helpful in thinking about and responding to the immediate disaster: 

In the course of today it has been lovely to discover 2 Oak Hillers that were part of my 'wallpaper' while at college, yet who I didn't get to know much:  Nathaneal & Anna Ayling (OMF)On their excellent blog is this video: 
Great to see inside a Japanese church. 
And I also also unearthed this: 
Richard was in my Fives team at University, or I was in his, or something. Just lovely to hear him speak of the work of the gospel going on in Japan.
My knowledge is still too thin, but as well as being overwhelmed, I have been heartened by what I have seen and heard even from these few sources. If you have other links or blog posts to point me to, please let me know!  

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