Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Sometimes the mask slips

Astute observation from Archbishop Cranmer as he reads some amazing coverage of news of a royal pregnancy. Even papers like the Guardian speak in glowing terms of the 'Royal Baby' (they quote Barak Obama's press secretary congratulating William and Kate on their first child!)

Surely such 'pro-choice' newspapers and journals (and people) should be talking about a bunch of pluripotent stem cells, an embryo or a foetus? For reports suggest that the Duchess is still in her first trimester, so this is not yet a baby; and certainly nothing with any kind of destiny. At this stage, surely, it is a non-person, just like the other 201,931 non-persons who last year were evacuated from wombs in England, Scotland and Wales. 
Or are royal foetuses endowed with full humanity from the point of conception?
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