Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Eight chapters in one verse

The righteous will live by faith ... or ... 
He who through faith is righteous shall live.
(Romans 1:17)
Which ever reading is followed, however, the quotation becomes the 'text' on which  the exposition of the next eight chapters is based, with 'the righteous' and 'by faith' occupying the Apostle's attention in 1:18-4:25, while 'shall live' is dealt with in 5:1-8:39.  
(p 26 Power of God: Exposition of Paul's Letter to the Romans, James Philip)
If you are flush with cash get this ... it is expensive (between £30 and 50!!) because it is out of print. Paul Levy is right about it.) However don't despair because another version of James Philip's Notes on Romans (mostly the same) is FREE online at St George's Tron. Bless them. 

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