Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Good Advice - Jamie Soles

This album is as good as it's CD Cover is bad. 
"Built on the premise that children prefer food to fluff, Good Advice treats children like grown-ups; it does not talk down to them, or play to their natural foolishness, but rather builds on the expectation that the child will one day be an adult. These are songs to grow by." [Jamie Soles]
This song list will give you a sense of what it covers (and if you click on the song name it will take you to a sample): 

Our 4 and 2 year old love this. But not as much as we do! I think Jane and I have learnt much more than they have. 
And what other children's albums are there that tackle Cain and Abel, Nadab and Abihu, Achan and Rahab?! 
These songs are slowly becoming the sound track to our home. We pray that this would be more than merely in song but in deeper holiness and happiness in Christ. 

Here are the lyrics of one of our favourites: 

Marah (Exodus 15.22-27)  [click for a sample]

There at Marah where the water was bitter
The people got bitter too
They said “Give us better water
Than this bitter bitter water!”
They grumbled and complained all day
“We don’t like manna!
We want new shoes!”
How they pouted, sulked and whined
But if they would have trusted the Lord their God
Then things would have been just fine
What do you think that the Lord will think
When He hears your voice today?
Thankful trust or angry lust
As you grumble and complain all day
So learn a lesson from the Israelites
Let your words be sweet today
You will wander in the desert UNTIL YOU’RE DEAD!
If you grumble and complain all day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim, I have bought the whole album from for £7.49 as an MP3 download, in case anyone else wants to save postage costs from the States.

Tim Ambrose said...

Hope you enjoy it as much as we have!