Tuesday, 22 September 2009

exotic statues?

A Christian could make the following statements
  • God gives purpose, meaning,and fulfilment to my life
  • God governs the way I act
  • God is the focal point around which my existence hangs
  • God is often in my thoughts, and I get enthusiastic about God
  • Thoughts of God comfort me when I'm down
  • I read about God, I talk about God, and make friends with those who are also committed to God
  • I desire more of God
Now idolatry is where something -- anything -- takes the place of God in the central position. An idol is anything that you could put in place of the word God in statements like those above.
Try it:

An idol is what people live for.
An idol is what fills our minds when we lie awake at night.
Idolatry occurs when we hold any value, idea, or activity higher than God.
(Ten, J John, p188-189)

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