Tuesday, 29 September 2009


A sermon on the 2nd Commandment by Thomas Watson [part 2]
(I have tried to edit it so as to be a bit more readable ... though I have left the 'old' language in)

I the Lord thy God am a jealous God.

The first reason why Israel must not worship graven images is, because the Lord is a jealous God.

[1] God is jealous for his people. Zech 1: 14. God has a dear affection for his people, they are his delight. Isa 62: 4. They are the apple of his eye, Zech 2: 8They are his spouse, adorned with jewels of grace; they lie near his heart. He is jealous for his spouse, therefore he will be avenged on those who wrong her

[2] which God is jealous of his people. ‘I am jealous lest you should go after false gods, or worship the true God in a false manner; lest you defile your virgin-profession by images.’ God will have his spouse to keep close to him, and not go after other lovers. 'Thou shalt not be for another man' Hos 3: 3. He cannot bear a rival. Our conjugal love, a love joined with adoration and worship, must be given to God only.

1st Application
Let us give God no just cause to be jealous. A good wife will be so discreet and chaste, as to give her husband no just occasion of jealousy. Let us avoid all sin, especially this of idolatry, or image-worship.

2nd Application
Better move your parents to hatred, than move God to jealousy! Their anger cannot do you so much hurt as God's. If they will not provide for you, God will. 'When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.' Psa 27: 10.

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