Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A State of Madness?

Pete has posted on the ISA again

He points to the Christian Insitute's article:

A new vetting system to be introduced next year will go beyond the current checks for criminal convictions to probe a person’s personal beliefs and lifestyle.

Any anonymous claims made by the public or in newspaper articles could also be used against someone applying to work with vulnerable people or children.

Concerns have been raised that Christians could become the targets of smear campaigns aimed at causing them to fall foul of the new rules.

The Christian Institute’s Mike Judge told The Daily Telegraph: If people have an axe to grind with Christianity or Christians they could make malicious allegations against them. A lot of traditional Christian views are being regarded as beyond the pale. It’s not beyond the stretch of imagination that because they have a particular view about sexual activity they will be deemed not suitable to work with children. In an atmosphere where a nurse can be suspended for offering to pray for someone, I’m very concerned that this new approach is going to consider religious belief.

Martin Beckford's article is here.

Alasdair Palmer is less measured in his assessment!:
...last week, ministers proudly unveiled a new which actually is mad, or at the very least wildly irrational. It will not achieve its stated purposes; it will impose enormous costs for no benefit whatever; and it will harm a very large number of people, including many of those it is meant to help.
He raises the comparison with the Child Support Agency. mmmmmm.

Polly Toynbee gives a different view here.

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